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24K Goldzan Facial Serum Ampoule Pure Gold 99.9% (100 Ml).

24K Goldzan Facial Serum Ampoule Pure Gold 99.9% (100 Ml).

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Product Description

Contains 99.9% Pure Gold and Peptides
Highly concentrated serum that absorbs nutrients deep in the skin and helps improve skin tissue.
Brightening, Wrinkle and rejuvenating formula
Contains Collagen, Niacinmide, Dandelion, orchid, oat, lotus, elastin, beta glucan, etc
Great for all skin types



  • 24K Goldzan Facial Serum Ampoule
  • Pure Gold 99.9%
  • Maison De Nature
  • 100 ml
  • Made in Korea.
  • – 24K gold serum, pure 99.9% pure gold makes the face firm like an injection Botox makes the face firm up to 3 times, helping to tighten pores. Skin is smooth, soft, moist. Wrinkles lifting Helps restore youthfulness to the skin. Has sold no. 1 in Korea
  • – Whitening for bright white skin, reduce freckles, blemishes, dark spots, redness, dark spots fade
  • – Rejuvenation, youthful skin looks brighter
  • – Anti-Aging, reducing and preventing wrinkles
  • – UV ray protecting, UV protection
  • – Moisturizing, nourish the skin, soft, moisturized
  • – Soothing helps the skin to be firm, firm, and hydrated.
  • – The product uses 99.99% pure gold, does not dissolve on the surface. Like normal colors
  • – Recommended for : All skin types
  • Ingredients : 24K pure gold (99.9%): Detoxifies, tightens, whitens skin and promotes metabolism / 7 peptide complexes: Anti-wrinkle, giving skin elasticity / Deep-sea plant extracts: Moisturizing and firming
  • – Mixed with pure gold sheet , as though you are a facial mask spa.
  • – Facial treatment together in one step
  • – Gold, one of the most luxurious skincare ingredients are featured in Maison de Nature 24K Goldzan Ampoule.
  • * The highly concentrated ampoule is formulated with visible flecks of Gold and enriched with 7 different peptides.
  • * The product is very effective in treating skin aging including wrinkle and sagging skin by combining 24K pure gold(99.9%) which is especially effective for anti-aging with 7 kinds of peptide.
  • * Especially, containing much content of pure gold even visible to the eye, the ampoule treats the skin with the ionic activity and antitoxic component of the gold.
  • * The combination of pure natural extract of Ogapi and lotus flower with the rare component of gold prevents the creation of skin blemishes such as freckle and sun spot, and the components of 7 kinds of peptide permeate deep into the skin to reproduce skin and make whitening effect.
  • How to use :
  • – After cleansing and toning, apply ampoule evenly on your face. Use fingertips to massage over the face until fully absorption.
  • – Apply to nourish facial skin before bedtime
  • 24k gold serum - Best anti aging Original Korean 24k Goldzen ampoule serum – 24k golden ampoule serum - 24k goldzan ampoule serum for glowing face acne skin care - 100ml
  • 99.9% PURE GOLD: 24k gold serum has a dual-functional ampoule that contains 99.9% pure gold and provides luxury gold therapy for wrinkle improvement and skin elasticity.
  • ANTI WRINKLES & FRACKELS: Golden serum for skin peptides and adenosine, which are involved in wrinkles, so the wrinkle improvement effect is quick and long-lasting.
  • ANTI-AGING: Anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, oil control. keep you younger skin, become more beautiful Lifting firming, hydrating, moisturizing, deep clean, in a good mood
  • SHINY & MOISTURISING SKIN: A non-sticky 24k golden serum watery texture and a complex of 4 herbs keep the skin moist and shiny.
  • ABSORBS NUTRIENTS DEEPLY: Highly concentrated 24k golden serum that absorbs nutrients deep in the skin and helps improve skin tissue.


1x 24K Goldzan Facial Serum Ampoule Pure Gold 99.9% Maison De Nature 100 ml Made in Korea.

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14 July 2023
by Salman. Verified Purchase
Asslam o Alaikum I receive my parcel MashaAllah bohat acha hai or safely pohncha diya ghaya hai so happy Thank u so much ❤❤❤
14 July 2023
by shahbaz .Verified Purchase
Good packing and Good product. Satisfied
15 July 2023
by 0***2. Verified Purchase
Original he, or result b bht acha ha iska
16 July 2023
by ayesha. Verified Purchase

Nice Product for daily use.

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